Thai-style Shrimp and Glass Noodles

Contributed by Jeffrey Koh on Ninja's Recipe Sharing Group


  • 9 prawns

  • Glass noodles (tang hoon)

  • 3-4 Baby corn

  • 1/2 bulb Garlic

  • 1 knob Ginger

  • White & black pepper

  • Coriander

  • Sauce

  • 120ml chicken stock

  • 2 tbsp Oyster sauce

  • 1 tbsp soya sauce

  • 1 tsp Black sauce

  • Dash of white pepper

  • Sesame oil

  • 1tsp sugar


  1. Soak glass noodle for 10mins to soften.

  2. Once done, drained off water.

  3. Add sauce & prawn to glass noodles.

  4. Mix well & let it soak in the sauce. Set aside.

  5. Add oil to Foodi pot

  6. Select Sauté function, on HI

  7. Fry ginger, garlic, coriander till fragrance.

  8. Add baby corn, glass noodles, prawns.

  9. Cover pot & let it simmer

  10. Lower temp to med.

  11. Toss the noodles in. Ensure the sauce are evenly distributed to the prawns & noodles.

  12. Add a little chicken stock if it's too dry.

  13. Add some black pepper before dishing up. Garnish with coriander.

Thailand Style Shrip Glass Noodle Thailand Style Shrip Glass NoodleThailand Style Shrip Glass Noodle

Images by Jeffrey Koh. 

Thai-style Shrimp and Glass Noodles