FAQs - BL480

Product care & maintenance

How do I clean the Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ®?

Hand Washing: Wash the containers, lids, and blade assemblies, in warm, soapy water. When washing the blade assemblies and blade discs, use the provided cleaning brush or a dishwashing utensil with a handle to avoid direct hand contact with blades. Handle blade assemblies with care to avoid contact with sharp edges. Rinse and air-dry thoroughly.

Dishwasher: The containers, lids, and blade assemblies, are all top-rack dishwasher safe. Ensure that the blade assemblies are removed from the containers before placing them in the dishwasher.

Motor Base: Use a damp cloth to wipe the motor base clean. Never submerge the motor base in water.


Unit doesn’t turn on

Make sure the unit is plugged in. When the unit is plugged in and no jar installed, “—” is displayed on the timer. Insert and rotate cup clockwise in the base until it “cilck’. The timer light will illuminate.

Unit doesn’t turn off

Remove cup from base by rotating cup anticlockwise and lifting out. Display should turn off. Unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Lid/blade assembly hard to assemble

Set the cup on a level surface. Place the lid or blade assembly on the top of the cup and align the threads so that the lid/blades sit flat on the cup/ Twist clockwise so that the lid/blades evenly align to the cup until you have a tight seal.

Food is not evenly chopped

Using the Auto-iQ™ programs is the easiest way to achieve great results. The pulses and pauses allow the food to settle towards the blade. If food is routinely getting stuck adding some liquid will usually help. When packing the cups, start with fresh items, then powders/nuts. Add liquids and finally frozen items or ice.

Doesn’t mix well, food gets stuck

Make sure that your lid or blade assembly is properly assembled to the cup. Leaking may occur if it is misaligned when twisted onto the cup. Turn the lid tightly clockwise.

Motor base won’t stick to counter or tabletop

Make sure surface and suction feet are wiped clean. Suction feet will only stick to smooth surfaces. Suction feet WILL NOT stick on some surfaces such as wood, tile and non-polished finishes. DO NOT attempt to use appliance when the motor base is stuck to a surface that is not secure (cutting board, platter, plates etc).

Unit is difficult to remove from counter for storage

Tip unit forward from the back to easily disengage the suction feet.