Garlic Butter Cheese Lobster

Contributed by Drusilla Tok on Ninja's Recipe Sharing Group

"I love how I can just use 1 device to pressure cook and grill the lobster!"


- Lobsters chopped in half 

- Half salted and half unsalted softened butter

- Garlic and Onion Powder

- Dried Parsley

- Shredded Mozeralla cheese


  1. Pour a cup of water into the Foodi.

  2. Put the low rack/steaming rack/any rack into the pot

  3. Put the lobsters on the rack

  4. Pressure Cook on HI 2 mins followed by Quick Release
     Garlic Cheese Grill Lobster

  5. Apply the pre-mixed softened butter, garlic, onion powder and parsley mixture thickly onto the lobsters

  6. Add shredded cheese on top

  7. Switch to Grill mode 3 - 4 mins, depending on how burnt you want the cheese to be.

  8. Enjoy!! 
    Homemade Grilled Butter Cheese Lobster

Images by Drusilla Tok

Garlic Butter Cheese Lobster